WOB Timber GmbH
Rote Brücke 6-15
22113 Hamburg - Germany

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Tel: +49 40-714 877 0
Fax: +49 40-714 877 66
Mail: wob@importholz.de

WOB-Group introduction

The WOB-Group increased to an important company worldwide in the last couple of years. Four companies in Germany and five branches overseas belong to the group.

Company Structure of WOB Group

  • 2015: WOB Timber GmbH
  • 2005: Bührich Hardwoods GmbH
  • 1993: Timber Team Holzmarkting GmbH
  • 1954: Willi O. Bührich GmbH & Co. KG
  • 1902: Heinrich Freudenberg GmbH & Co. KG


In order to increase the efficiency of the W O B group, we decided to simplify and streamline the structure of the group. The operational business previously conducted by the four separate companies of the WOB group is now concentrated in one single company:


WOB Timber GmbH


Under the leadership of the owner, Mr Stephan Buehrich, this family company, rich in tradition and owner-managed, will continue the operations of the WOB group, thus assuring its success in future.