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Develop together with us

The import business has been always the main business for the WOB-group . In the last decades many contacts has been established and cultivated in overseas of America, Asia and Africa.

Since the middle of the 90`s the export, as a further businesss field, increases to a more important part for the whole WOB-group. An important role takes particularly the business in China. After the large flood in the 80´s the country had a large demand on importing lumber. Suddenly the industry missed 40 million cubic meter lumber per year.

1994, with the help of a trading company from Bremen, the contact to a chinese importer in Hong Kong accrued and an intensive trading relationship had been developed. After the first travel to Hong Kong customers could be gained and meanwhile South Korea, Taiwan and India belonged to it. Further on, with the own know-how, the WOB-team could more and more interests chinese buyers in exotic lumbers, especially Anegré (Longhi), Bubinga and Padouk as decorative material for furniture and interior fittings.

WOB prefers the lumber from African producers, transports the lumber to Hamburg or loads container directly on vessels in Gabon or Congo with a course to Hong Kong.

The export gained a high significance for the WOB-group and further on the trading of lumber will be more and more globalized in the future. On this development the company, the young and experienced team are prepared.