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22113 Hamburg - Germany

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Welcome to the world of WOB Timber - Helping you with all your lumber needs!

Since 1902 WOB TIMBER is one of Europe´s premier hardwood lumber companies.

Our advantage in the global timber market is our flexibility and product diversity which enables us to quickly react to changing market conditions and to cope with modern business challenges.

At WOB, we provide lumber solutions in tropical and temperate hardwoods, all to help your business succeed!

Our international lumber team is expert in locating and selecting the best tropical hardwood lumber around the world.

All our major species from Westafrica, Asia and the Americas are available for shipment either directly from their country of origin or through our distribution locations in Europe.

Your source for hardwoods and sofwoods.

Please contact our sales team!

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Pictures from log auctions 2016/2017.

The Sawmills

to the sawmills

On the following pages we present our sawmills in Hamburg and Daldorf.

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