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"What is lumber? A living thing? It`s living further, even if axe and saw cuts the tree from ground. It remains itself faithfully, it keeps its characteristics. It requires acknowledgment of its being. One cannot deal with him, as one wants it. Its fine grain, its venation prescribes the form of the treatment, the direction of planing and polishing, the use at all. It always keeps something from its spicy, harsh smell like a memory of its forest homeland."

- Dr. Karl Löbe CEO, Vereins Deutscher Holzeinfuhrhäuser

WOB Timber provides all around the natural raw material and makes it possible to offer and produce timber in all specificatios. Beside lumber, WOB produces different and special dimensions of solid flooring boards, window and door lumber as well as outdoor flooring for the customers. Additional common hardwood and softwood, we can offer outstanding exclusive lumber such as mahogany, which are particularly requested as excellent material in yachts and boats worldwide.

Information about selected species, types and specifications of lumber can be found in the stock list by choosing the specific country of origin. If any questions appear we will be happy about your call or E-Mail to STB@importholz.de.

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