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07th July 2022

Your new upcycling project combines environmental friendliness and history!

We offer former mooring posts, also called dolphins, from the port of Lübeck. These characteristic beams are made of oak wood, which was previously exposed to wind and waves in the port of Lübeck for decades, served as an anchorage for ships and a landing place for seagulls. Our dolphins not only provide a maritime flair, but are also unique in their history and only available in limited quantities. 

Give a second life to these lively and cracked individual pieces, whose history you can still see in the wood! This is not only sustainable and resource-saving, but also brings individuality with it. Each piece is unique, for which no new raw materials had to be used.

There are no limits to your creativity in giving the dolphins a second life. Whether as a decoration in the garden, for fence construction or as a new piece of furniture, this oak wood with its vintage look is still versatile.

Now it's up to you to transform these sustainable unique pieces into magnificent designer pieces!


Available in the dimensions:

Strength Width Length
30 - 40 mm 200 - 400 mm from 4 meters

Our innovative brand - German Greendeck



27th May 2022

Today we present our innovative brand German Greendeck by WOB Timber.

German Greendeck stands for the procurement of sustainable hardwood and the trading of only certified products. Wood, that is sold under this brand, can be used in a variety of ways in gardening and landscaping, as decking boards or for shipbuilding.


18th May 2022

ONEWOOD, the innovative and sustainable alternative to solid wood!

ONEWOOD is made from wood fibers from fast-growing trees that are glued and formed into large blocks of wood. Gluing and thermal treatment gives ONEWOOD a homogeneous property, which makes ONEWOOD durable, long-lasting and dimensionally stable. Other characteristics of ONEWOOD are its termite resistance, weather resistance and water repellency.

In addition, ONEWOOD is considered a sustainable alternative to solid wood, as it is sourced from fast-growing and sustainable plantations. FSC® 100%.

ONEWOOD is versatile for indoor and outdoor use, especially decking, gardening and landscaping.

You can find dimensions, more pictures and contact details of your contact person in the flyer below.